Caballero Boxing Club for kids        

Students in Caballero Boxing Club program will learn fundamental boxing from an experienced boxing coach.After a solid foundation is built students will learn how to spar in our boxing ring and for competions including Junior Olympics,Golden Gloves,and other kinds of boxing competions.Not only will students gain knowledge in the art of boxing,but you can expect your kids to be more focus,develop coordination,and build skills for life.Discipline and improvements in school are just some of the benefits students will see as results of Caballero Boxing Club.


About our boxing coach.

Luis Rivera is a professional boxing coach and also winner of many boxing competition in Puerto Rico and Florida such as olympic boxing tournaments including Centro Americanos,De El Caribe,and 1998 winner of the Golden Gloves in Melborne,Florida and more boxing exibitions in all over Florida.With 35 wins, 2 losses by decision, and 15 ko's, he is a father of 3 kids,now he is dedicated to train kids in boxing.         

Our program

We will start our classes in November 2008.The program is designed from ages 8 and up Monday through Friday and will be from 10:00am to 9:00pm and after school program will be from 3:30pm to 6:00.Feel free to call for more information about our opening,
Our number will be located in "Contact Information".

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